Lily and The Golden Frog by Alma Michelson

Lily and The Golden Frog

By Alma Michelson

Get a copy of our family’s best-selling book today!

Lily and The Golden Frog

By Alma Michelson

Get a copy of our family’s best-selling book today!

Book Synopsis

Lily and the Golden Frog is a delightful tale of one young girl who wishes to see the world. Armed with her shiny pink purse, Lily sets out on the adventure of her life. She meets several interesting characters and discovers the importance of giving back thanks to the strange power of her shiny pink purse. Beautifully illustrated and filled with essential morals every child should learn at a young age, Lily and the Golden Frog is a unique book that teaches children it’s never too early to think about others.

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What our Critics Say

I loved this book and didn’t want it to end! Lily will encourage others to help others, just like she does with her magical purse. Lily shows us all how to have a “pure” heart!

Roberta Harrington Deal, Retired Teacher, Reader

I loved your book! It was so sweet and does an excellent job of portraying the importance of thinking of and caring for others. As a teacher, I love children’s books that teach a lesson of some sort, whether it is an academic lesson or a life lesson. While academics are great, I’m a firm believer that life lessons and moral lessons are so much more important and will get you so much further in life. I think your book did a fantastic job teaching this lesson.

Chelsea Burdick, Teacher, Writer, Reader

Lily and the Golden Frog is a great book, full of magic, wonder, and adventure.  It encourages kids to explore the world around them and find joy in helping others, something we all could do well to achieve.

Eva Van Wyk, Reader


Alma Michelson, PharmD

I’m a community pharmacist, a mama, a wife, a daughter, a sister, and my family’s bestselling author–that is for now. We’ll see what my kiddos decide to do. I write and communicate with my awesome illustrator between nap schedules, school activities, meal preps, and loads of laundry. Ashley, the illustrator, and I were pregnant when piecing this book together, and despite high levels of hormones and mood swings, we did it! Mama published a book. I’m very proud of this book. It takes something pink, shiny, and feminine and makes it a powerful accessory that can make anything come to life. It’s like every mama’s purse. It has all the right items for the day’s boo-boos and woo-hoos. Lily’s pink, shiny purse reminds us that you’re never too young to start giving back, and it’s not about how much we give but the love we put into giving.



To spark a desire of giving back to the community at a young age in every child’s heart.


To provide parents with gentle content they can trust to be enriching, meaningful, and heartfelt.


Guilt-free Life Lessons
Punishment-free Plot
Violence-free Accessories

About Illustrator

Ashley Berensen

Ashley Berensen is a Christian freelance illustrator from Juneau, Alaska. She graduated in 2019 from BYU-Idaho with a BFA in Illustration. After graduation, she taught drawing and painting at that same university, met her husband, and began her career as an artist. Now she works with both publishers and self-publishing writers to help make their stories come to life with her illustrations.


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